Our unmatched coverage across Iran is enabled by our employees - at all levels - are renowned for their expertise and extra effort in serving customers. Our senior team has been with the company from its very early days and has been instrumental in its success with our senior employees’ average tenure being in the 20s. Our sales force is supported by 14 provincial branches and is more than 400 employees strong.

We have a long-standing track record in brand-building and service all relevant channels, customers, and outlets. From the largest international hypermarkets to the smallest mom-and-pop shops we enable your brands to be at the POS where customers make purchase decisions. Our local contacts and experience allow us to advise our partners on the best Route-to-market models and help them execute their global strategies in a local context. We are typically responsible for all the sales and BTL marketing activities for our partners and in some instances we offer specialized services to brands that are already active in the market.

Our Capabilities

  • Local impact through a local sales network in across Iran
  • State of the art in-house developed salesforce management, order taking, merchandising control software enabled through our iOrder app installed on 400 ipads
  • Unequalled cultural insight to customize marketing and sales activities to meet local needs
  • Customer segmentations to determine relevant outlets, visiting frequency, and routings for various brands and stock-keeping units (SKUs)
  • Skilled and experienced staff with many years of brand-building experience in Iran
  • Key account staff, category management staff, and merchandisers to handle key accounts and mum and pop stores
  • Channel-specific sales teams equipped to insure field force effectiveness
  • We ensure availability and visibility in all relevant outlets at costs that reflect the benefits from very large economies of scale
  • We provide sales information by customer and (stock-keeping units (SKUs) even for sales to small outlets
  • Credit record of 30,000 independent stores